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Hi There!

 I'm Kazhmir, like the fabric. 

I found my love for photography at sixteen when my dad gifted me my first dslr. I carried that love into adulthood. My love became my passion after motherhood, where I learned firsthand how fleeting life's moments are and how important it is to capture them while they are here.

I have had my fair share of stiff posed images. I always felt it lacked the emotion and connection that myself and the others shared. This is why I chose a lifestyle approach. Nothing makes me happier than capturing the connection between you and your loved ones.

When I am not obsessing over how cute my clients are, I'm crafting or enjoying the great outdoors that sacramento has to offer with my family. I rely heavily on coffee for my survival and at 34 years old I still haven't figured out how to eat ice cream without getting it all over the place.

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