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Almond Blossom Minis

We are so lucky to live in California. Especially here in Sacramento. We are a mere hour and a half away from some of the country's greatest landscapes. If you love the mountains its a quick trip to Tahoe. We are a short drive to Napa, allowing us to indulge in amazing wines. Ans if you are a beach lover, like myself, the Bay Area has plenty to choose from in less than two hours drive. I know, we are spoiled right?

As a California native, and lover of the great outdoors, I take hunting for the next best photo spot very seriously. Here in Sacramento, during the Spring, we get the most beautiful almond blossoms. For two to four weeks in mi the entire agricultural area of Northern California is in full bloom.

The almond blossoms are some of my favorite as they are a bright white, and endlessly fragrant.

For our almond blossom mini sessions this year, we traveled to the agricultural area of Davis. We were hosted by one of the local farms, and some of the proceeds from our sessions supported the Solano County Agriculture Department.

If you ever have the chance to enjoy these stunning trees in the Spring do not miss it!

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