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Sacramento Families: What to wear to your winter family portraits

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

With the changing season comes a change in wardrobe. Styling for your Winter Family Portrait Session may be one of my favorites, because this is the season we can pull in the luxury. Let me explain a little more below.
Winter landscape can be a little drab. The color around us is muted, landscapes lack their lushness of other seasons, and there is a lot of white. While this could intimidate many when choosing what to wear to our session, I say let's embrace it and go all in.
First, we are going to discuss color palettes. This season is all about rich, bold, and vibrant. I want you to focus on cool jewel tones. Think emerald, ruby, sapphire. These colors will contrast well with winter's natural palette. Also feel free to lean into hints of black within your wardrobe this season as it will add depth to your color choices.
Next, we will pick our fabrics to work with. This is why winter is one of my favorites to style. We want the fabrics that exude luxury. For this we will choose materials like velvet, leather, satin, and fur. Winter also allows for dressing to the nines. This is the time to pull out that gold sparkly dress you wore to that wedding once, and men can dig out that Navy suit they seem to never get to wear.
Lastly, and this one is extremely important in winter, it is all about the accessories. Choosing tasteful yet bold items such as an emerald necklace or a fur coat will lend itself well to the overall theme of luxury.
So, if you are choosing to get Winter Family Portraits done by me, I highly suggest you take a look at the inspiration below and go all out for luxury this season!

Thank you for making it this far in my post. If you are interested in any of the items above, or similar items, click the link to my pinterest page below

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