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How to Prepare for Your In Home Newborn Session

Updated: May 2

You've booked an in-home newborn session and now you're wondering how to prepare. That's a great start!

Planning out an in home session can feel stressful. This is why I carefully walk clients through session preparations so they can enjoy our time together.

First, let's talk baby.

You've got this sweet cuddly newborn and you want to capture them in the comfort of their new home, Yay!

Newborn sessions are best held after the first five days and within the first month of life. So try to plan as best as possible within that in mind.

The day of your session it is best to feed baby about 30minutes prior to your start time. This will allow them to be calm and happy. If you are interested in the sweet, sleepy, newborn shots, this is also a great way to ensure it.

Make sure baby is in comfortable clothing. If you'd like hand & feel close ups, plan to make them easily available. I recommend having a swaddle and blanket nearby as well.

Next, the space.

Pick one or two spaces within your home that you would like baby photographed in. Commonly this is the nursery and master bedroom or living room. If you're unsure, it is always a great idea to send pictures of the space around the time of day your session is scheduled. This will help your photographer navigate you in the right direction. Whatever rooms you do choose, it is best to tidy them up to the best of your ability. It is likely that your photographer will move items around or out to set up the shot, trust them, they know what to look for.

Let's not forget the rest of the family.

If older siblings are being included please make sure they have had snacks and are well rested. Talk with your photographer about wardrobe options and make-up, they will lead you in the right direction.

Lastly, remember this is meant to be fun.

You've just brought home this new bundle of joy and you're eager to show them off. Newborns are unpredictable and that can make some parents feel nervous about their scheduled session. A good photographer will make sure that they have ample time and patience for a newborn session.

So relax. Get ready to have lots of snuggles with your new little one. And enjoy the experience together, creating timeless memories.

If you are interested in scheduling an In-Home Newborn Session with me and are local to the Sacramento region, send me an email. I would love to photograph your family!

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