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Proposal Spots in Sacramento

Updated: May 2

It's almost Valentine's Day, which means proposal season is here! Here are some top picks for outdoor settings for the perfect proposal, here in Sacramento.

For the Classic Bride: The Capitol Gardens.

This location is probably one of my favorites in Sacramento, simply because it is so iconic, and offers a lot of unique backdrops. You can choose from cacti, to redwoods, to the capitol itself. It is also a great central location for a romantic dinner. You can make an evening to remember all in the same area!

For The Cottagecore/Indie Bride: The McKinley Rose Garden

This beautiful spot is located in McKinley Park. The Rose Garden is small, and quaint, all while offering a peaceful and romantic setting to pop the big question. If you have a whimsical bride to be, this is the perfect Sacramento setting for your proposal.

Old Sacramento for the Urban Bride

If you and your soon to be wife are more of the edgy, hip, urban couple than Old Sacramento is a great place to pop the question. Old Sacramento has a lot of brick building options. It hugs the river which allows for some nature in your setting. You can go on a beautiful carriage ride, grab a fantastic cocktail at Honey and The Trap Cat, and ride the carousel to finish off the night.

A Wedding Proposal is one of the most memorable moments in your life. If you want to capture that special moment and make it last a life time, I am the photographer for you.

Message me and let's plan your proposal!

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