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Visiting Apple Hill with Toddlers

Apple Hill is a beautiful area located just above Placerville, CA. For us local to Sacramento it is a quick one-hour drive. This, combined with delicious bakeries, local beer & wine, and kids play areas, make visiting Apple Hill with toddlers an ideal day trip.

Apple Hill has a few major locations to visit, each offering a unique experience of the area. A couple of the more toddler friendly locations being High Hill Ranch and Boa Vista.

High Hill ranch is located on the East end of Apple Hill. They offer many children's activities (dependent on the Season), including hay and pony rides, craft vendors, and a pumpkin patch. Although, I find the best part about High Hill to be their open landscape which is great if you have little runners, like I do.

Boa Vista is more centrally located, and only a mile down the road from High Hill. It is separated into two portions, by the main thoroughfare. This can make iit a little less ideal on busy days with toddlers. However, they have THE BEST apple donuts and pies. And if you love, baking or canning, they offer a wide variety of apples in peak season at a very reasonable price. They also have a pumpkin patch in the Fall and photo-op stations throughout.

Apple Hill is great with toddlers really, any season, Peak season is Fall (thus the name APPLE Hill). It is also a great place to escape the unbearable summer heat or enjoy lush landscapes in the spring. And of course, you can't forget to stop on in during Winter when you can pick up a Christmas tree from one of the local farms.

So, if you are looking to visit Apple Hill with toddlers, I cannot recommend going enough. It is filled with so many fun things to do, good food to eat, and beautiful sites to see. Don't forget, if you are in need of updating your family portraits, ana trip to Apple Hill is on the books, invite me up! I would love to capture your family portraits in such a fun and unique to California place.

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